Worlds best Strategies for Roulette!

A roulette system is defined by two components - which are:

  • The chance(s) to bet
  • The amount(s) of the bet

This is the basic construction of all the strategies for the Roulette game!
It doesn't matter if you play for real or fictive, if you bet much or less money. If you add a ruleset for the money management then, that says when you stop if you win or if you lose, the thing quite completed.
You are surely familiar with the Roulettetrick also known as Martingale? Thats the classical progression which doubles at losses. Do you know also the reverse Martingale, sometimes called Paroli too? This is the most simple system, because you bet just the doubled amount everytime on the same type of chance.
But you can also do such progressions on every other chance, have a look at the huge variety of systems in the Roulette Strategy Database. You will see all types of progressions, chances, stops and waits. And the very best is, that they are already well tested and documented with comparable setups.
When you get inspired to invent own ideas to beat the Roulette game, then you can just simulate it there!
This helps you to get an deeper understanding of the different ways of Roulette betting. And if you test your system over millions of numbers, this can bring you a finite result, that you can absolutely rely on.
Don't believe those stupid videos in the internet, that try to tell you how easy it is to win a lot of money in short time. This would only be true if are a really lucky guy. But then you would not need those lies! Just believe what you can understand, test and investigate yourself. Roulette can be much fun, if you know what to do and what happens!

These chances are used by roulette strategies

No matter if you play Single Numbers, Splits, Streets, Corners, Six Lines, Dozens, Columns, Easy Chances or any other combination of numbers. The ball can hit only one number.